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He takes a slightly different approach at building his client base and gaining his clients’ trust than many attorneys who work on a contingency fee. Here’s how he does it without turning gray or losing his hair. I started Bmore Attorney in 2015. Previously, I’d worked for an insurance defense firm for 10 years, where I was fortunate to gain invaluable courtroom experience, taking over 120 cases to jury verdict and trying hundreds more in the district courts, before switching to the plaintiff’s side of personal injury in 2012. Like most attorneys who start their own firms, I had the idea that I could offer a different approach to handling a personal injury case than what many other personal injury firms offered. Rather than focusing on volume — bringing in as many cases as possible, working them up for settlement, and closing them as quickly as possible in order to make room for “the next” case — I wanted to have the ability to take as much time as I wanted with a client at any particular stage of their case. I had seen all too often, when I was doing defense work, the lack of preparation that typically crushed a plaintiff’s case. I promised myself that, if I were to ever start a practice of my own, I would take as much time with a client as necessary in order to make sure that they were comfortable with the process and were fully educated about not only what I was recommending as a particular course of action, but also why I was making that recommendation. This certainly comes at a cost, as it’s a very time-consuming approach. I’m quite sure that, if certain attorneys or business management gurus were to audit my “system,” they would say that I spend too much time with my clients and that much of this interaction should be delegated away, since I’m dealing with contingency fee cases and the client isn’t being specifically billed for this time.

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