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It was only when the reporter guessed that the Sny might be involved, and filed a request to the government levee district for documents including invoices and emails, that a picture began to emerge. Requests sent to additional levee districts, including those mentioned in the Sny’s correspondence, revealed a list of 11 local government agencies that took part in coalition activities. The documents suggest another 12 levee districts could belong to the coalition. Husch Blackwell attorneys declined to identify them. Around the time the reporter began making records requests, descriptions of work on the coalition’s invoices became terse. Entries that had previously contained long narratives about coalition lobbying trips now used vague phrases such as “ Work on permit issues .” On top of the $230,000 reported to Congress, invoices from individual districts show an additional $98,000 paid to the firm for work on lobbying-related business. Get ProPublica’s Major Investigations by Email Husch Blackwell declined to discuss the coalition’s goals and actions. But the documents give a window into the coalition’s strategy, activities and claimed successes. The group’s main argument is that because Section 408 was written in 1899, when the Corps wasn’t responsible for flood control, the Corps has no authority to use 408 permits when levees are already managed by local districts. Instead, the coalition wants the Corps to use a 1944 statute written for flood control — one that doesn’t mention “the public interest.” The 1899 statute specifically mentions levees, and an Army Corps spokesman said there’s “no evidence that Congress ever intended the law to be narrowly applied.” Husch Blackwell attorney Karin Jacoby outlined an initial strategy for the coalition in July 2016: the law firm would arrange meetings with Corps leadership and seek to influence the Water Resources Development Act of 2016, a biennial bill from Congress that sets Army Corps priorities and policies.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit https://www.propublica.org/article/deregulate-federal-levees-section-408-permit-secretive-lobbying-effort

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