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In the interview, Daniels said her lawyer had pressured her to sign a statement falsely stating that the encounter never happened. "I don't believe that the facts ... in the interview were a fair and accurate representation of my representation of her at the time," Davidson told CNN. Davidson said Cohen advised him that he thought Daniels had violated her confidentiality agreement and encouraged Davidson to "spill his guts" about the true circumstances surrounding the deal. Davidson said he consulted an ethics lawyer and still felt bound by attorney-client privilege, even though he was no longer working with Daniels. He denied working in concert with Cohen on either matter, but declined to discuss details of either case, citing attorney-client privilege. He told CNN that he and Cohen first intersected in 2011 when Davidson called to inform him that he was representing Daniels in a bid to have a story about her having sex with Trump removed from a gossip website called He said the matter was quickly resolved and the story was removed. Cohen has declined comment on Davidson's characterization of their alleged conversations. Michael Avenatti, Stormy Daniels' current attorney, said: "As more evidence comes to light relating to his close personal relationship with Michael Cohen and his efforts to protect Mr.

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