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“We worked closely on many issues and that continued when he was elected to the Senate. He is a person of high moral values, of integrity, honesty and fairness.” Asked if he wanted to elaborate on his decision to publicly back Brandes over his daughter-in-law, Pilon noted in a text message that as a member of the Republican Party of Sarasota's executive committee he is prohibited from endorsing a Democrat. That does not mean he had to endorse Brandes, though. He could have stayed quiet about the race. Carrie Pilon is the wife of Ray Pilon's son, Chad Pilon. Chad and Carrie Pilon both are attorneys who have a personal injury law firm in St. Petersburg. Ray Pilon also is running for office this year. He is challenging state Rep. Margaret Good, a Siesta Key Democrat who won Pilon's old state House seat in a February special election.  Could Carrie Pilon turn the tables on her father-in-law and endorse Good? Chad Pilon has supported his dad's political career, despite their ideological differences. Back in 2016 Chad Pilon wrote a message to his dad on Facebook.

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