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End Excessive Fees in Class Action Litigation We commend Competitive Enterprise Institute and Judge Koh for a step toward restoring public confidence in the cost of the litigation process. By Law Journal Editorial Board |March 19, 2018 at 11:28 AM Your article was successfully shared with the contacts you provided. Lucy Koh – Photo by Diego M. Radzinschi/ALM Final approval hearings in class action settlements, which follow preliminary approval months before, and awards of attorney’s fees often are sedentary proceedings. Not so when plaintiffs’ attorneys in In re Anthem a few weeks ago walked into a hornet’s nest in Judge Lucy Koh’s courtroom in the Western District of California seeking $38 million in fees and $2 million for disbursements. This litigation centered on a data breach of insurance provider Anthem’s computer systems releasing personal information concerning 78.8 million people, triggering more than 100 lawsuits all consolidated before Judge Koh. After two years, four lead counsel with court approval had settled the case for $115 million. Subtracting the requested $40 million for fees and disbursements and additional millions for related costs, including $23 million paid to one firm to administer the settlement, this would leave 45 percent of the putative settlement for class members, but not for cash. Instead they will receive free credit monitoring services for two years in addition to the two years of monitoring Anthem gave when it made the breach public. Counsel claimed this would be worth up to $500 million if everyone signed up, because if customers sought such coverage on their own they would pay at least $250. In fact, only 1.86 percent of class members signed up.

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